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New Era Education Cookie Policy

We use cookies across our products and services to improve their performance and enhance your user experience. This policy explains how we do that.

What cookies are and how New Era uses them

When using any of New Era's web-based products or services, we want to make them easy, useful and reliable for you, our customer. This sometimes involves placing small amounts of information in files known as "cookies" on your computer or mobile device. We do not use these to identify you personally, nor to hold any personal data. Some pieces of information are essential for delivering our online products to you and others are used to improve the user experience, for example:

  • managing a user's login session and ensuring authenticated access to pages
  • making the login process easier
  • remembering activities that you have performed


Cookies used by our products and services

There are several types of cookie:

Persistent cookies remain on your computer for a specified time and are saved to your computer's hard disk. We use persistent cookies to:

  • remember some things about your last login, such as your school portal, to make your next login easier
  • remember your preferences and settings for when you use our services again


Session cookies are deleted when you close your browser and are usually not saved to your computer's hard disk. We use session cookies to:

  • identify that you have logged in to the site
  • hold some information about the previous operations that you performed so that pages can reflect this


Third Party Cookies are cookies which are set by third party providers of other products and services to you, but whose service or functionality is embedded in New Era's products and services on your behalf. Any third party resources will potentially set their own cookies. New Era has no control over and takes no responsibility for the use of cookies by third parties. You can contact these providers for details of their cookie policy if required.

Adobe uses its own proprietary cookies called 'Local Shared Objects'. New Era uses Adobe Flash Player to play video within some browsers.

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